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  Date:September 23, 2017
                   (rain or shine)
Location: Penn's Landing
Registration: Online
Official walk start time: 9:00am

In Loving Memory of my baby sister, Toni Andrea Canale

Sunrise 10/19/1988  Sunset 05/31/2017

If you all could have seen Toni through my eyes, you would have seen the loyal person that I knew; the one single person who always had my back. The girl who loved people because I loved them and disliked people because I disliked them. You would have seen the girl who couldn’t smile without squinting her eyes or laugh without smacking her knees and stomping her feet, and if she laughed, you laughed because it was just contagious. You would have saw the girl who loved tacos and hated mayonnaise. You would have saw the girl who busted through my front door every single day, just to see what I was doing, to wake my kids up, or just because she felt like it. You would have seen the girl who couldn’t sit next to me at the kitchen table for dinner because she was left handed and I’m right handed, and we would bang elbows and get mad. You would have seen the girl who had no rhythm when she danced, but she danced to her own beat. The girl who made things happen and supported my goals and was proud of me, even when I wasn’t proud of me. You would have seen the person who watched my kids just so I could have a break and cleaned my house when I was too lazy or too tired to do it myself, not because I asked her to, but because she wanted to help. You would have seen the girl who shared my room, my toys, my clothes, my parents, and my kids.

We shared friends, we shared jobs, we shared shoes, and we shared birthday parties and graduation parties. We pretty much even shared the same face. Lately I find myself struggling to even look in the mirror because I see her, or look at my kids, because when I do, I see her.

Most importantly, we shared huge piece of my heart. When she died, she took that piece of my heart with her.

If you could have seen my sister through MY eyes, you would have seen the girl who wanted to do good and wanted to make people proud. You would have seen the girl who couldn’t find her place in life and hid her tears behind a smile. You would have seen a girl whose battle became my battle, too.  You would have seen the way she struggled and how hard she fought for the life that she wanted. That life was stolen from her, long before she was stolen from us. Losing her is something that I’ll never be able to accept. It’s hard to think about how many obstacles we have already been through as a family and the ones that we now have to face without her. Although it breaks my heart to know that I will never see her face or hear her laugh again, I know in my heart she’s in a better place and she doesn’t have to fight anymore. No more struggles, no more pain, no more tears for her. 

Having a little sister is a blessing in disguise. It’s like having God saying “here’s your best friend.” I loved Toni since the day she was born and even better, Toni loved me her whole life.  I am truly blessed for all the memories and laughs I have shared with her and I will cherish them forever. I promise you all, my sister will never be forgotten. My kids will know who their Aunt Toni is, Sonny will share the love I have for her, our parents will keep fighting because they have FOUR amazing daughters and her sisters will keep striving to honor her in everything we do. We will never let anyone forget her and we will never let anyone dull her shine. Every lesson, story and memory is a treasure that will be safely kept in our minds and hearts and shared with the people who love and miss her most. 

Boog, I’ll love you always and I’ll never let you go. Thank you for the laughs and the smiles. Thank you for the fights and the tears. Thanks for pushing me out of the corner when my back was against the wall. And most importantly, thank you for being you.

I'm walking in loving memory of my baby sister, gone from sight but never from my heart.

Please help me reach my goals by making a donation or joining the walk. I am walking to raise awareness that drug and alcohol addiction is a public health concern, and to raise funds for PRO-ACT’s prevention, advocacy, and recovery support services. To keep my sister's memory alive, & save the life of someone else!

Donate now and help support this great cause.

Thank you,

Money Raised Members Recruited
Team Donation 09/23/2017 L Tortoiccer 20.00
Team Donation 09/25/2017 t wrcc 6,000.00
N. Canale 09/10/2017 LPaolone 30.00
N. Canale 09/11/2017 LMoskowitz 50.00
N. Canale 09/23/2017 AGonzalez 25.00
N. Canale 06/13/2017 TGugliotta 50.00
N. Canale 06/16/2017 SMarchetti 25.00
N. Canale 06/20/2017 SCanale 100.00
N. Canale 06/28/2017 JBirkbeck 50.00
N. Canale 09/08/2017 NBuonocore 15.00
J. De Fino 06/19/2017 JDe Fino 25.00
L. Milano 06/28/2017 CJenca 30.00
L. Milano 10/31/2017 MPeabody 75.00
L. Milano 06/28/2017 SAquino 20.00
L. Milano 07/10/2017 LJoseph 30.00
L. Milano 07/12/2017 DSampson 20.00
L. Milano 08/14/2017 RMarcus 25.00
L. Milano 08/24/2017 TMcArdle 20.00
L. Milano 09/22/2017 JLoFurno 25.00
L. Milano 06/28/2017 GRossano 50.00
L. Milano 09/23/2017 KPhillips 30.00
J. Rossano 06/28/2017 RHartman 25.00
J. Rossano 06/28/2017 JLawler 10.00
J. Rossano 07/12/2017 DBariana -Stone 15.00
J. Rossano 07/12/2017 EKolaitis-Seifert 25.00
K. Rossano 07/20/2017 DVito 25.00
T. Semethy 09/21/2017 TSemethy 100.00
M. Taylor 09/19/2017 MTaylor 50.00
M. Taylor 09/19/2017 MTaylor 50.00
     Total Amount: $7,015.00

Team recruiting goal: 40
To date, we have: 42
Goal Achived!

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