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• Where do I turn in my collected donations or make a new donation?
• Will I be allowed to smoke during the Walk or at the Stage Program?
• Where do I pick up my team packet?
• How can we communicate via Twitter
• Do I need to register to walk?
• Do I have to pay a registration fee or make a donation?
• Where do I register to walk?
• How do we get to Penn's Landing?
• Where do we park?
• What is the Honor Guard and how do I join it?
• I'm a volunteer. Where do I check in?
• What should I do to prepare for the walk?
• Can I make a credit card donation at Penn's Landing on the day of the Walk?
• How do we order team t-shirts?
• Can we create our own team t-shirts?
• Where do we go when we get to Penn's Landing Grand Plaza?
• How do I become a Sponsor of Recovery Walks! 2018?
• I'm an event sponsor. How do I find my booth?
• I'm a VIP, with the Press, or Stage Entertainment. Where do I go at the Great Plaza of Penn's Landing?
• Where can I get information about how the Affordable Health Care Act might affect me?
• Where will we be walking?
• What is the schedule of events the day of the walk?
• Where can I get a Program for Recovery Walks 2018?
• Where is First Aid?
• What do I do if I find a lost dependent/child?
• Can I buy an official Recovery Walks 2018 t-shirt?
• Are there any free t-shirts?
• Can I make an emergency announcement about someone?
• Where do I register to become a voter?
• Is there an ATM machine nearby?
• Where is the Lost and Found?
• Will there be any food at the walk?
• Will there be any signs I can use while I'm walking?
• Can I get your sign "I'm Walking in Honor of..." before the walk?
• Can I get your sign "I'm Celebrating...Years in Recovery" before the day of the walk?
• Where are the Rally Signs (Hand Signs)?
• Can I get your sign "Each Step I Take is for..." before the day of the walk?
• Can I get one of your blank signs to create my own message before the day of the walk?
• I came on a bus. Where is the bus picking us up?

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