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PRO-ACT is a program of The Council of Southeast Pennsylvania, Inc. Click here for The Council's Web site.  


PRO-ACT is a well-respected, highly visible and vibrant grassroots organization for people affected by Substance Use Disorders and their family members. Membership includes individuals in recovery, family members and allies throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania. PRO-ACT members “put a face on recovery.” By being public about recovery and through the power of personal stories, our membership is an incredible teaching and healing force. PRO-ACT works to shape public policy, reduce the stigma of addiction and actively promote recovery through community programs and


Public Information
Community education is a critical to reducing stigma and helping the community understand the disease of Substance Use Disorder.

  • Information Support Line 800-221-6333

  • Monthly e-newsletter

  • Public Awareness Campaigns

  • Coordinated Pennsylvania’s “Addiction & Recovery: Communities Take Action” Campaign

  • Developed and published Consumer Guides for 1) Consumer Guide to Sober Housing, 2) Consumer Guide to Medication Assisted Recovery and 3) Consumer Guide to Pennsylvania’s Drug and Alcohol Insurance Law: Pennsylvania’s Act 106 of 1989


Peer Education and Support
Peer education and support is key in helping families and individuals gain the knowledge and skills to understand the illness and sustain long-term recovery.

  • Mentoring and Recovery Coaching Program

  • Family Education Program: Helped over 1000 families learn about Substance Use Disorder, provide hope for recovery and deal constructively with the illness.

  • Recovery Life Skills

  • Peer Leadership Academy--building leaders within the community.


Advocacy is our strongest tool to effect change. PRO-ACT provides a voice for the recovery community at the local, state and federal level. Some of our advocacy efforts include:

  • Act 106--helps individuals and families protect their rights to minimum treatment guarantees afforded by this ACT.

  • V3 Coalition One Voice for Prevention Treatment and Recovery Support--PRO-ACT hosts and provides organizational support bringing together the voices of prevention, treatment and recovery support.

  • Recovery Voices Count--PRO-ACT coordinates a state-wide effort to register and mobilize voters, holds town meetings and meets with legislators.


Recovery Support Services
PRO-ACT provides peer-driven recovery support services designed to help people access and sustain long-term recovery. They are provided in the community as well as through our Recovery Community Centers. 



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